Walmart tops list of Colorado Springs businesses with most police calls

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — Do you ever get that uneasy feeling when you’re shopping or dining out, worrying you might not be in a safe place?

We found out which locations may not be the safest by analyzing where Colorado Springs police had to visit most often in 2016.

The top six locations were:

  1. Walmart at 3201 East Platte Avenue – 1,108 calls
  2. Memorial Hospital at 1400 East Boulder Street – 922 calls
  3. Walmart at 1575 Space Center Drive – 918 calls
  4. Walmart at 707 South Eighth Street – 727 calls
  5. Memorial Park at 1605 East Pikes Peak Avenue – 661 calls
  6. Citadel Mall at 750 Citadel Drive – 574 calls

We went to the Walmart on East Platte Avenue to see how bad the problem is. This Walmart has a lot of frequent shoppers.

“I am not really surprised. I see police here all the time,” said shopper Cindy Hair.

She shops at this store around four times a week. The main thing she sees is shoplifting.

“I’ve actually witnessed somebody running out of the store after they had stolen some knives,” said Hair.

Some shoppers said the information makes them want to get in their car faster after shopping.

“I try and park closest to the front as you can, but you just have to be aware of your surroundings and who may be following you out, or hanging around your car,” said Hair.

Greg Noble lives in the surrounding area. He said the number of calls at this store is most likely linked back to the overall crime rate in his neighborhood.

“You hear gunshots all the time. There’s a lot of crime going on in this neighborhood,” said Noble.

For their part, Walmart is doing something. Their front door customer hosts are trained in shoplifting prevention.

Noble said they don’t help, so he just has to get used to the crime that comes with the store.

“Most Walmarts there’s crime, shoplifting,” Noble said. “We’re never going to get around that.”

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