Martial arts gym to offer free self-defense classes amid recent attempted attacks

Self-Defense Class
Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness self-defense class / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness is offering self-defense classes for free during the month of February.

This comes after Colorado Springs saw a string of attacks over the last two weeks, including two attempted abductions and attempted sexual assault

“I take it personally when I know that there’s a young lady that gets assaulted and she couldn’t find a place to train because it was too expensive,” said Isaac Costley, chief instructor at CFMAF.

It’s why Costley decided to make it free.

A woman who spoke to FOX21 and preferred to stay anonymous said she was recently attacked in a parking lot.

“I feel violated, I feel like my knowledge and strength didn’t matter, it didn’t matter how careful I was, it didn’t matter how prepared I thought I was. It still happened to me. It can happen to anybody and god forbid it does happen to my son or another child, and it’s happening every day,” she said.

From increasing awareness skills, protection skills, and self-defense techniques, CFMAF self-defense classes can benefit anyone of any age.

“The person out there on the street doesn’t care that you have a bad knee, that you have a bad shoulder. They just want what you have and we’re going to make them work for it if they want it,” Costley said.

The goal is to get people prepared when someone suspicious approaches them, not paranoid, and allow them to use the right skills at the right time.

“I’ll strike first, I’ll strike often and I strike hard,” Costley said.

He also offers some tips to keep in mind if you find yourself as a victim of an attack.

“The last thing that person attacking you wants is attention. They don’t want a hundred people to be able to recognize who they are. I do, it’s a potential victim. So, we’re going to teach you as you’re running, knock over trash cans, kick cars, hit windows on cars, set alarms off all over the place while you are yelling, ‘fire, fire, fire,'” Costley said.

>> Click here to learn more about classes.

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