Pueblo students’ unique pizza recipe wins national competition

PUEBLO, Colo. — Garlic chicken Alfredo pizza sounds delicious, right? That’s the recipe students at Central High School in Pueblo came up with, and they won an award with it.

Schools from across the country competed in the contest.

The grand prize for Central is $4,000 worth of new equipment that will update their cafeteria.

The interesting part of the competition is that the recipes had to have Dannon yogurt in them.

It took a while for the students to come up with what they were going to make.

“We didn’t know what we should put it on, because yogurt doesn’t really go well with a lot of stuff,” said sophomore Alexis Saiz.

That’s when Saiz had an idea that would turn out to be brilliant.

“Everybody likes pizza. You can’t go wrong with that,” said Saiz.

It’s still a strange recipe.

“Yogurt in pizza; it sounds weird,” said senior Julian Salazar.

They decided to put the key ingredient in to the sauce.

“We just had to take out some of the stuff in the Alfredo sauce and then put in the recommended amount of yogurt. At first I was a little skeptical about it, because I thought it was going to taste bad,” said Salazar.

It took a while to find the right balance.

“Something that wasn’t too tangy. Something that really lit up your taste buds when you took a bite out of our pizza,” said junior Joseph Vigil.

There were a lot of strict nutritional guidelines to follow.

“How many grams of salt can be in your recipe, how much fat, how much sugar. It has to be 50 percent whole wheat, low fat,” said teacher Nancy Cornell.

The pizza didn’t just win a national competition. It also won over the stomachs of Central students who taste tested it. Now, it’s being added to the school lunch menu.

“We are like the superstars of the school,” said Vigil.

The students will be taking this recipe with them when they compete in other state competitions this spring.

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