State representative responds to Trump piñata in Pueblo history museum

Donald Trump Piñata
The popular party game usually depicts characters from movies or Mexican culture but many folks are saying a piñata in the form of the President of the United States is taking it too far. / Tamra Axworthy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — On Wednesday we heard from state representative Clarice Navarro about the Trump piñata at the El Pueblo History Museum.

A picture of the piñata started making rounds on social media over the weekend, causing quite an uproar.

A spokesperson with the El Pueblo History Museum said the piñata belonged to Chicanos Against Trump, who rented the space in the museum.

Navarro released a statement regarding the incident:

As of today I’m pleased with the cooperation of History Colorado – Mr. Turner – AIA.   I have received correspondence from Mr. Turner, and I’m pleased they appear to be taking this incident as seriously as I am.

I have made it clear that my CORA request still stands, and I should be receiving information by Friday.  I will share more upon receipt. Below is an excerpt from Mr. Turner’s email:

“As a state institution we take our commitment to serving the residents of Colorado very seriously, and we have rules in place that prohibit inappropriate events at our facilities statewide. However, this incident has made it clear that we need to revisit these rules, and we are currently working with the State Attorney General’s office to do so. We respect the right of people to express their opinions, but we do not and will not condone the use of our facilities for events such as the one that occurred at El Pueblo History Museum this past week, and we will take every step to ensure that our community museums follow our rules and procedures.” Mr. Turner – AIA – History Colorado

As developments and information are made available I will be sure to share.


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