Southern Colorado animal shelter says contractor left dog kennels in poor condition

Animal Shelter in Teller County
Material peeling off in the dog kennels at Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — The Teller County Regional Shelter is now at risk of violating the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act.

“They could possibly at some point serve a cease and desist order, which means then our animals in our community will be at jeopardy of not having a place to go. Because we’re the only shelter in all of Teller County,” said Mary Steinbeiser, executive director of TCRAS.

The shelter says it’s the aftermath of poor resurfacing work in October 2015 from a contractor with California-based Taylor Industrial Coatings.

Some of the damage started just days after the contractor left.

“Now we are putting our dogs are risk of spreading disease throughout our kennel and the population because you can’t sanitize it,” Steinbeiser said.

She says they reached out to local contractors, but no one came back with a bid.

So, they made sure their written agreement would ensure the work would be guaranteed for a year.

The original cost was nearly $20,000, which took the shelter two years to raise.

“The work started to fail within about 10 days and so, I contacted him right away, asking him if he could come back and look at it,” Steinbeiser said.

Steinbeiser says what followed were excuses that he was too busy or that he didn’t have enough money to get to Colorado.

“This last summer then, when I finally pushed a little bit harder, he finally came out and said, ‘look, I’m not coming back unless you can pay me more money.’ Which to me, that’s not what a warranty is. The warranty, from the way it’s written in our contract said he would come and repair the work,” Steinbeiser said.

Now the shelter is turning to the community hoping to find a solution to the problem.

Because the shelter is not a county entity, it depends on donations and fundraisers to keep operating.

Now, other contractors have reached out to the shelter saying they could fix the problem, but the shelter still doesn’t have enough to pay for the expenses.

We also reached out to the original contractor, but our calls haven’t been returned.

We also called the business and were told he was out sick.

>> Click here if you’d like to donate to the shelter.

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