Colorado Rockies discuss goal setting with local students

Colorado Rockies
Players with the Colorado Rockies talking to students at Coronado High School / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — What does it take to get the Colorado Rockies to visit Coronado High School?

A teacher winning a contest showing them she’s their ultimate fan.

“There was a 1995 playoff ticket, I remember my dad and I going to that game. My dad instilled in me a love of sports, and I played softball for many years and just love the game,” said Janice Ruybal with dropout preventions at CHS.

While she could have met the players alone, she chose to share the prize.

“I was not expecting that, I was expecting someone to talk to us about motivation, but then when I saw them walk in, I saw like, DJ LeMahieu and that was just pretty amazing,” said Tanner Mayberry, a senior at CHS.

Players spoke to student athletes Tuesday, answering students’ questions about how they got to the top.

“Hearing, like, the work that they put in and knowing where they came from and making it, is just awesome to just know and hear,” said Issiah Sisneros, a junior at CHS.

Teachers say it’s a way to get students motivated and on track of their goals .

“You just see the kids that are involved, you know, kind of like the guys form a family on the team. They just feel more part of high school and want to come to high school. So, the kids that I work with that are sometimes struggling, I really like to get them involve in something so they feel a part of high school,” Ruybal said.

“I’m planning to go to college for baseball and hopefully become one of them,” Mayberry said.

Right now, the Rockies are in the middle of their Winter Caravan.

They’re driving across four states where they will meet their fans over the course of 5 days.

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