Colorado Springs ski rental store sees business turn around with new snow

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Now that ski season is in full swing, many people are hitting the slopes and taking advantage of the snow.

For one local rental business, that means staying open for the season — something that just a short while ago didn’t look promising.

“It’s gone from nothing to phenomenal,” said Stan Wolf, the owner of Colorado Kite & Ski.

Two months ago, Wolf hadn’t sold a single pair of rentals due to unseasonably warm temperatures, but that’s changed.

“The mountains are getting lots of snow,” Wolf said. “The snow pack is over 100 percent, which is wonderful for skiing.”

It’s also wonderful for business.

“There was a loss earlier in the season and now I’m making up for it and we’re all happy — the way it should be,” he said.

Wolf offers rentals for as low as $15, but he also sweetens the deal with discounted tickets and resort tips when it comes to saving some cash.

“You have to look around if you want to go skiing,” said Wolf. “Cooper ski area, locally owned by the city of Leadville, two for Tuesdays,” said Wolf. “That’s $52 for two people, which works out to be $26 a person to go skiing. It’s a small ski area, but it’s affordable.”

He said most weekends now, he’s selling 80 to 100 percent of his rentals.

“People want their money in their pocket and go spend it someplace to eat or have a good time,” said Wolf. “Get one of your $13 hamburgers when you’re up at the ski areas.”

Thanks to some much-needed help from Mother Nature, business for Wolf is looking bright.

“From nothing to booming was wonderful,” he said. “It’s free enterprise, it’s democracy, it’s wonderful. You deal with it and you keep going. That’s what it’s all about.”

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