The race for city council: Jaymen Johnson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With the city council election quickly approaching, we’re highlighting every candidate running in every district.

That way, all of you at home can make an educated decision about who you want representing you.

Saturday, we learned about Jaymen Johnson.

District 3 is in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain and Johnson wants to become the person to represent this area.

He’s currently the owner of Speakeasy Vape Lounge and Dab bar.

“I’m not really a politician. I’m just a person. I think that’s really what council was intended to be,” said Johnson.

He said the current council is out of touch with the people they represent.

“They’ve gotten very good at providing the semblance of balance, but they continue forward, always, with the personal agenda’s set forth,” said Johnson.

That’s why he’s running – to give decision making back to the people.

“When given all the factors, people are very capable and competent to make reasonable decisions,” said Johnson.

If elected, he said there are three things he would work to improve.

“Infrastructure is very important. The storm water needs to be addressed and then I think we need to look at the proper mode for utility governance,” said Johnson.

He said city council should be progressive and proactive.

“Instead of trying to restore the good of the past, we need to focus on improving the future, because you’re never going to go back. You can only move forward,” said Johnson.

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