Road conditions expected to worsen with winter storm

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With a long holiday weekend ahead, many travelers might be hitting the roads to head to the mountains.

“You might be running into accidents,” said Dee Cortez, a meteorologist with FOX21 News. “You might be running into ice on the road.”

This weekend’s anticipated snowfall combined with recent heavy snow will make for dangerous driving conditions, especially if you’re headed to the mountains.

“You have to make sure that you’re ready to practice patience,” said Cortez. “You could be seeing a lot of snowing, people trying to get to where you’re going and if there’s ice or snow on the road, it’s advisable to make sure that you’re just going slow.”‘

The Colorado Department of Transportation is expecting high traffic volumes along the I-70 corridor and advising all travelers to expect delays at least through Monday.

“If you’re going west you’re going to be running into some snow on the side of the road,” said Cortez. “They did have freezing rain a few days ago. That’s been cleaned up but it still leaves for some wet and slippery conditions.”

Icy road conditions are expected through the weekend in many areas meaning you should use extra caution.

“Whenever you are sliding on ice, if you feel your car give and you have no traction, you do not want to hit your brakes, worst thing that you can do,” said Cortez. “You have to ride it out.”

A winter emergency kit, clothing, water and the right tires are a few things to have before you head out this weekend.

“You cannot be in a hurry this weekend,” said Cortez. “You want to be patient, leave plenty of space for yourself. If it’s not necessary for you to pass, do not pass other cars. A lot of people tend to forget or think I’m just going to go around this guy because he’s going slow, there’s probably a good reason that the vehicle in front of you is going slowly.”

Traction and chain laws are also likely this weekend. If you’d like to check the road conditions before you head out, you can do so by calling 5-1-1.



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