Four children hit by car; crossing guard warns drivers of shared responsibility in school zones

Intersection of Pikes Peak Avenue and Chelton Road where four children were struck by a car / Mike Duran FOX21 News
Intersection of Pikes Peak Avenue and Chelton Road where four children were struck by a car / Mike Duran -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Nana Roby isn’t a crossing guard at James Monroe Elementary, but she has a message for all drivers in school zones.

“People really gotta pay attention and understand we’re only there for an hour, one hour for 20 mph. If you don’t like it, go a different direction,” Roby, a crossing guard at Rogers Elementary School, said.

Police said four children were hit by a car just before 8:00 Thursday morning, sending all four to the hospital. As of Thursday afternoon, one was in critical condition.

“I also heard that report that citizens coming into the area actually lifted the vehicle from at least one of the children trapped underneath the car,” Lt. Howard Black, public information officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department, said.

Police said the driver was making a right turn from eastbound Pikes Peak Avenue onto Chelton Road when she hit the children, who were crossing the street with a crossing guard.

“I do my job first thing in the morning and I look for others to do their job. I will not point the finger at anybody, but you know who you are if you’re speeding. You know what 20 mph looks like and you know what it feels like,” Roby said.

According to District 11, the children who were hit are in kindergarten and first, second and fifth grades. Three of them are siblings, and the other is a cousin.

“Please take your time, give yourself plenty of time in the mornings. We have inclement weather, that delays us even more so, and makes things even worse. Today, thankfully we didn’t have that inclement weather, but we still had kids hurt. And it should never come down to a child being hit by a vehicle, ever,” Devra Ashby, a public information officer for D11, said.

Roby said it’s a shared responsibility.

“We’re not going anywhere, the kids are not going anywhere, I ain’t going anywhere. And you’re going to retire me with my stop sign and my crossing guard vest. I enjoy my job and I do believe it’s calling,” Roby said.

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