TSA reminds passengers of appropriate carry-on items while traveling

Prohibited items
Prohibited items to bring in carry on baggage. / Kalyn McMackin -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you’ve ever traveled then you might be familiar with the basics when it comes to what you can and cannot bring with you on an airline.

A display table inside the Colorado Springs Airport displayed items that TSA has confiscated from passengers attempting to bring in their carry on bags.

“This is a large machete,” said Jan Harris, a TSA Supervisor with the Colorado Springs Airport. “That has come through the check point. People think well it’s in a package, it hasn’t been removed yet. It is still prohibited in your carry on items.”

Small pocket knives, pepper spray and oversized liquids are the most popular no no’s.

“So your small travel size, 3.4 ounces or smaller, you’re going to want to put those in a zip lock bag like this,” said Harris. “We do have some available for free at the check point.”

Liquid medication is the only exception to the rule.

For folks traveling with holiday gifts, it’s recommended to put them in a gift bag or better yet leave them unwrapped.

“There’s no rule against having a wrapped gift,” said Carrie Harmon, a spokesperson with the TSA. “The problem is if it alarms and we have to unwrap it then that doesn’t make anyone happy.”

TSA adds the holiday season is the busiest time of the year meaning knowing what you can and can’t pack can speed up the process for everyone traveling.

“The more people can do to prepare ahead of time, the quicker it is for everyone, especially at the holidays,” said Harris. “We have a lot more people traveling with families.”

“It’d be pretty nice because they wouldn’t have to check all the bags and they could get on the plane and sometimes if they have weapons and they have to check the bags it can delay other people’s flights,” said traveler Patriec Authier.

If you have a question about an item you’re unsure of, TSA has a Twitter and Facebook page where you can upload a picture of the item and get a response within 20 minutes letting you know if it’s allowed.


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