CDOT unveils new tow plow to take on snowstorms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — This may look like a snowplow, but once it’s on the road you’ll see it swing.

“Basically, it’s a tandem axle truck with sanding unit on it in a normal 12-foot plow. It’s towed a 24-foot plow with sanding capabilities and liquid deicer unit,” said Brad Bauer, highway maintenance supervisor in El Paso County for CDOT.

The tow plow is a steerable trailer attached to a standard snowplow.

“One driver does the work of three. It will cover about two and a half lanes in one time,” Bauer said.

CDOT says it’s already been out twice, most recently during the weekend snowstorm.

“We ran all the way from Monument Hill down to I believe, PPIR. We did an echelon plow group with this plow and two other trucks. And they pretty much cleared the whole three lanes off,” Bauer said.

It has a turn around time of 60 minutes and will mostly be used on I-25.

“When we can do that, we most benefit the public by being able to get back to that point in time an hour later. It keeps the product on the ground, it keeps the slush plowed off, so it really does impact our program hugely,” Bauer said.

Colorado Springs has three of those tow plows.

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