Hanover District 28 approves teachers having guns

HANOVER, Colo. — The school board approved a resolution by a 3 to 2 vote to allow teachers to carry guns in school.

To participate, teachers will need to have a concealed carry license, be approved by the board as a security guard, and go through post-certification training with their firearm all before being allowed on campus with a gun.

There wasn’t a lot of agreement by the board at the meeting on Wednesday.

The two members who voted ‘no’ have major objections to the resolution, because they said it isn’t specific enough.

They said it doesn’t spell out whether a teacher can carry a gun on their hip, or if they’ll have to keep it in a bio-metric controlled lock box.

The three board members in favor cite the slow response time by law enforcement as a main point for having teachers carry guns.

While the board debated, parents sat on both sides of this issue.

“It’s a matter of being proactive. This is not about ‘we think our school will be attacked,'” said parent Terry Siewiyqmptewa.

“Lot of the staff, basically, I wouldn’t trust with a gun. They have anger issues,” said parent Tony Smyth.

The passing of this resolution is just the beginning.

Now, they will create a procedure for precise rules and regulations for what this will look like.

They anticipate teachers won’t be carrying guns in school until the start of the next school year.

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