Give!: Women’s Resource Agency

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Women’s Resource Agency has been empowering women and teen girls to self-sufficiency and economic independence since 1979.

It’s the only gender-specific program for girls in El Paso County. They serve around 100 teens each year through a program called Intercept. It works with teens from all over, including teen court, probation, and the Harrison School District. The students learn about community connections, health and nutrition, employment, and self-love.

“We have a motto at the Women’s Resource Agency,” executive director Melissa Marts said. “It’s ‘Our girls are on FIRE: Fearlessly inspiring results through empowerment,’ and to see those girls embody all of those things is the best.”

“They’ve helped with my depression in ways medicine couldn’t help me or anything else wouldn’t be able to help me with,” Isabella Rodriguez said. “They’ve basically just taught me how to love myself and that I don’t need anyone else to love me but me.”

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