Insurance study: Colorado drivers eighth worst in U.S.

DENVER (KDVR) — An insurance comparison site said in a report that Coloradans are the eighth-worst drivers in the U.S.

QuoteWizard looked at fatal crashes, total accidents, speeding tickets and DUI citations to come up with the rankings.

The top five states for the worst drivers are Utah, California, Virginia, Maine and Nebraska. The top states for the best drivers are Rhode Island, Florida, Mississippi, Michigan and Nevada.

Colorado ranked as the 10th worst state for drivers with speeding tickets and 11th worst for DUIs.

But it came in number one for traffic citations, which include driving without a seat belt, running red lights and failure to use turn signals.

Top 10 worst drivers (by state rank):

1. Utah
2. California
3. Virginia
4. Maine
5. Nebraska
6. South Carolina
7. North Dakota
8. Colorado
9. Washington
10. Arizona

Tap here for the full list. 

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