Teen accused of breaking into multiple cars in Fountain, Security-Widefield

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — A teen is facing multiple charges after a Fountain resident caught him trying to break into a garage Sunday, according to police.

Police said it happened in the Cumberland Green neighborhood in the area of Jimmy Camp Road and Squirrel Creek Road. A homeowner woke up to hear his garage door opening. He looked out the window and saw several strangers outside. He went out to confront them while his wife called 911.

The suspects left the scene in three separate cars. The homeowner, who had a handgun, followed one of the cars to the area of the Tomahawk Truck Stop and blocked it in. A 16-year-old boy got out of the car and the resident held him at gunpoint until officers arrived, according to police.

Police said the teen later admitted to breaking into cars in both Fountain and Security-Widefield. He also admitted to stealing the car he was driving and shooting a gun into the air while leaving the scene, according to police.

The teen is charged with first-degree trespass, illegal discharge of a firearm, aggravated motor vehicle theft, possession of a handgun by a juvenile, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment. Police said the teen was on supervised probation for previous offenses.

Anyone with additional information on this crime is asked to call police at 719-382-4261.

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