Colorado Springs food truck owners, Cuban immigrants, react to Castro’s death

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The death of Fidel Castro is affecting people around the world–including right here in Colorado Springs.

Hector Diaz and Ada Diaz Kirby are a brother and sister team who fled Cuba as children after Castro came into power. They own a Cuban food truck called Lucy I’m Home. On Saturday, the truck parked in Nancy Lewis Park, handing out free Cuban sandwiches.

“I know it’s not politically correct to put a party together for somebody’s death, but that man is what caused my family and a lot of my compatriots a lot of grief and suffering, and he murdered a lot of our family,” Hector said. “It’s probably better that this world is rid of him.”

They said hearing the news of Castro’s death means more than the end of an era.

“Our parents, everything was taken away from them when Castro came,” Ada said.

“Ten years old, we were orphaned, we were put in an orphanage so we had to grow up in a different country with different people,” Hector said.

The two were sent to orphanages across the United States, and they eventually ended up in Pueblo.

“We succeeded,” Ava said. “We did very well, and now we’re just happy that perhaps the Cuban people and our families in Cuba might be able to have some democracy, some freedom in the future.”


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