Give!: Black Forest Animal Sanctuary

Black Forest Animal Sanctuary
The Black Forest Animal Sanctuary takes in all types of animals in need of help. / Mike Duran -- FOX21 News

BLACK FOREST, Colo. — The Black Forest Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer, all-animal rescue taking in those that are abused, neglected or owner-surrendered.

The organization provides an important but costly service to the community.

“We have horses, pigs, goats, chickens, livestock, dogs,” said Melissa Cox, a volunteer. “Just about any kind of animal you could imagine is either here or has been here.”

All are up for adoption and looking for forever homes.

“Sometimes they come in and go out very quickly and other times they’re here for a little bit longer period of time in order to find the right home,” said Cox.

Each animal requires its own special care and its own special diet.

“A lot of organizations that only have one type of animal are able to just buy one type of food, so they are able to stretch it a little bit further,” said Cox. “With us, we have such a variety of animals we are constantly in need of different types of feed.”

The organization is also constantly in need of funding.

“We need funding to be able to feed the animals, to house the animals, keep them warm in the winter,” she said. “We try to have all of their needs met. We have a lot of veterinary care, some of the animals that come into us are sick and we need to have the funding to be able to treat them.”

Cox said on average, an animal like a dog costs them about $400. But the bigger animals can cost a lot more.

“With the dryness we’ve been having, they don’t have much grazing land for the horses so we have to go and purchase the hay which is a huge expense for us.”

Money raised in the Give! campaign will go towards food, care and shelter. The volunteers will provide the love for free.

Starting after Thanksgiving, the Sanctuary will be putting on a holiday lights display through the end of December.

Visitors can drive through the area and see hundreds of Christmas lights as well as some of the animals.

A donation is requested.

>> Learn more and Give! at

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