Kids learning how to program own video games

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A handful of kids are learning the basics of computer programming by getting the opportunity to code their own video game.

“I like games so…” said Gurman, a 9-year-old participating.

Gurman is just one of a few kids who spent part of the day learning how to program.

“You get to build stuff or do something and see what it does,” he said.

“The game that they’re doing today is they’re trying to get a little dog to the dog house,” said Josie Smith, a teacher with Project Lead the Way. “There’s different objects and obstacles so they have to logically think step by step what do I have to do in order to get to my goal.”

The goal is to introduce kids to new and emerging technology, giving them the skills they might not necessarily be exposed to otherwise.

“They’re interested in it, they’re super engaged, they love it and really it’s just where our world is going,” said Smith.

“You can change stuff and you can make your own kind of game,” said Gurman.

While many of us are just consumers of technology, these kiddos are learning how to become the creators.

“It’s exciting,” said Smith. “It is so exciting and in my own classroom and even here, these kids are teaching me things.”

“You can like do different things on it and it’s just fun,” said Gurman.

The technology workshops are made possible through a partnership by Project Lead the Way and Verizon.



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