Admitted Planned Parenthood shooter disappointed when told he’s still incompetent to stand trial

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Admitted Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear was in court Thursday.

We’re learned that he’s still incompetent to stand trial after receiving treatment at the state hospital in Pueblo.

Dear came into court fired up. He said that 4,000 babies are killed every day by Planned Parenthood, adding that we should all Google “The Silent Scream,” where he said you’ll see an abortion.

About five minutes after that, Judge Gilbert Martinez revealed Dear is still incompetent to stand trial. At that moment, Dear let out an audible gasp of disappointment.

That made it seem like he wants this case to move forward to trial as fast as possible, which would fit his original statement on his first day in court wen he said, “I’m guilty. No trial. I’m a warrior for the babies.”

Dear will be back in court on February 15 for another competency hearing.

We searched the Internet for “The Silent Scream,” and found a YouTube video called “The Silent Scream (Full Length).” Our reporter couldn’t find evidence one way or the other to show if it’s fake or real.

Also in court Thursday, civil attorneys representing the victims suing Planned Parenthood and the attorneys representing Planned Parenthood said they want all of the information from this criminal case so they can prepare for their trial, which is set for mid-summer.

The prosecution and defense don’t want those attorneys to have that information, because they have no way of knowing if this criminal case will go to trial by that time.

That means any information that would come out during the civil case could potentially sway a jury negatively in the criminal case.

An example used in court Thursday was the James Holmes theater shooting trial.

“It’s not unusual today to have to have both criminal and civil pending at the same time. The norm across the state is that the criminal case goes to trial first and then the information is released to anyone who might have a civil case going,” said El Paso County District Attorney Dan May.

Both cases are simply trying to gain closure for the victims in some way.

“I think there is justice and closure both in civil and criminal cases. They have different outcomes and different things that they’re dealing with, but they’re both equally important under our law,” said May.

The civil attorneys asked Martinez to release some information, with the promise that it won’t impact the criminal case.

Both the prosecution and defense agreed against that, which made Martinez laugh.

He’ll make a decision on that in the coming weeks.

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