Thanksgiving travel outlook

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Holiday travel is always sure to bring some headaches along the way, especially this year when AAA is predicting the biggest Thanksgiving rush yet.

More than 48 million Americans plan to take to the skies, roads or seas, making it the busiest Thanksgiving since 2007.

Driving this year remains the favorite pick for transportation and airlines will carry the most passengers since 2007. However, if you’re planning to join TSA’s pre-check program, it’s too late. According to the Los Angeles Times, that’s because of cyber-security concerns.

If you’re hitting the roads to see family or friends, a Google expert says that will be the Sunday before Thanksgiving at 6 a.m. and the worst is the Wednesday before. Meantime, the best day to come is Black Friday morning and the worst, the Saturday after the holiday.

While it may be hard to find cheap flights, those hotel spots are opening up because business travelers won’t be booking them as often. According to Expedia, places like Chicago, New York and New Orleans are great spots especially for hotel room availability.

Academy Travel by Frosch in Colorado Springs, says it’s also important to think about getting travel insurance in case something were to happen while you were away.

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