New cat hotel offers luxury hotel-style living

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s time to travel for many families – but there are some family members forced to stay behind.

We’re talking about your pets – specifically your cats.

Owner Shannan Longley is very passionate about cats, so much so that she decided to open Catagonia, a 53-room cat hotel where for a fair price your kitty gets quite the deal.

“Reservations are flying in,” said Longley.

That comes as no surprise. The state of the art cat hotel offers luxury feline boarding and the luxury part is no joke.

“We have no wire cages here,” said Longley. “Every cat gets their own private room and if they have housemates at home and they come in as a family, they can share a room.”

The two-tier facility offers three kinds of rooms all of which come with special amenities to make your cat’s stay-cation all the more comfortable.

“To see these little features that we cut ourselves, we shaped ourselves, we assembled ourselves,” said Longley. “I mean literally from start to finish. To see it all come together is just so rewarding.”

If you’re still not persuaded, there’s also a personal shuttle service.

“There’s probably not a cat on the face of the earth that won’t find leaving home and going into a car stressful but we do whatever it takes to keep their routines as normal as they can be,” said Longley.

For as low as $20 a night, your pampered cat will receive daily breakfast and dinner and even a spa day getting a groom.

“The expectation in the past was just that, ‘oh okay we’re going out of town, I guess we have to put him in a cage right,’ and it’s just not good enough,” said Longley.

The only requirements are that your cats must be current on rabies and feline distemper vaccinations.

Catagonia Cat Hotel is located at 4703 Centennial Boulevard.

>> Click here to learn more.

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