Gay couple gets outpouring of love after expressing fears of a Trump presidency

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As the country continues to react to Donald Trump’s presidential victory, one Colorado Springs couple who also owns a downtown business is very concerned about what will happen now, especially considering the vice president-elect’s support of using electro-shock therapy to change someone’s sexual preference.

Ironically the couple’s fears of perpetuated hate have been met by an outpouring of love from the community.

Morgan Calderini said, “We are a little scared about what the election results will mean for our family because there’s been so much hatred. There have been so many awful things said about minority groups.”

Calderini and Arley Rose Torsone are married and in July they gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, which is why they say a Trump presidency is so scary.

“When I see the kinds of actions that are being taken against minorities of all kinds, religious minorities, ethnic and race minorities, LGBT people, disabled folks, veterans, I feel really sad,” said Calderini.

With fear but hope in their hearts, Calderini and Torsone posted a photo of their family at their letterpress studio on Instagram, expressing to their 27,000 something followers their worries for the future.

“We had some very real fears of being targeted for being a gay couple in this country but sort of the reverse has happened,” said Torsone. “People have shown up, shown their support and shown their love.”

From customers coming in and other business owners’ kind words, they’ve only been overwhelmed with positivity but Calderini and Torsone say the conversation must continue.

Torsone said, “If people hear those personal stories of the way that they’re personally affecting other people that they’re acting out towards, I think that helps and being held accountable for these things, to know that it’s not okay to say very hateful things to people that you don’t even know.”

“All we have is each other and how we treat each other at the end of the day and I really believe that we can do better than this,” said Calderini.