Overdrive Raceway offers Veterans Day discount and unique opportunity

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Businesses across the region offered discounts and deals on Veterans Day to those who have served or who are currently still serving.

One of those businesses was Overdrive Raceway – the first two-story indoor electric go-kart facility in the country.

Overdrive has become known for its facility, but it’s also quickly becoming known for something else it offers.

“Overdrive is the only raceway in the country to also feature hand-controlled karts,” said Jim Mundle, the owner.

Overdrive has four hand-controlled karts, two on each track.

“So anybody that’s disabled that has the use of their hands, even paraplegics, can use the karts,” said Mundle.

Mundle said the hand-controlled karts have become popular among Wounded Warriors and word about them is spreading.

“As a double amputee myself, I have been told no quite a bit,” said Mundle. “Going to amusement parks, going to different things, they tell me I can’t ride the rides. We want to be all inclusive and that’s why we decided to make the investment in these karts. It’s something that’s different, it’s something that we can now include everybody and that’s a big deal.”

While many offered veterans discounts and deals on the holiday, few could provide the opportunity Overdrive could.

“A lot of our soldiers don’t actually want to come out because they have to watch their friends and family have fun,” said Mundle. “This way they can participate and they can beat their friends and family racing.”

Larry Dozier, who retired from the Air Force after 20 years, said he appreciates what Mundle and Overdrive does for veterans.

“With 5 bases in the local area I think that it’s great that the companies today are giving back to the military and I’m just so proud of Overdrive and others out there that are doing things for vets, and recognize them for what they’ve done,” said Dozier.

“They are a big part of our business and our community,” said Mundle.

Overdrive offered veterans and active duty service members 50 percent off racing through midnight Friday.

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