The impact of the election on Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — So what does all of this craziness mean for us here in Colorado?

As the dust settles from the election, we talked to Colorado College political scientist Bob Loevy.

The question “What’s next?” is one the biggest things on a lot of people’s minds.

For Republicans, it’s whether or not they’ll get everything promised to them.

For Democrats, it’s worry that Trumps policies will truly hurt the country.

All while the impact of this election reaches far beyond our borders.

What will the reality of a Trump presidency look like for Colorado?

“Donald Trump is going to shake things up in Washington, at least if he does what he said in his campaign. We can’t say exactly what the effects will be, but the us government plays a major role in Colorado, so there should be effects, we just can’t say exactly what they are at the moment,” said Loevy.

Don’t expect it to be easy sailing for President Trump.

“Trump’s problem is going to be the Senate. Even though the Republicans retain their majority, they did not retain enough to override a filibuster,” said Loevy.

This could lead to stagnation.

“I’m expecting a quiet period where not too much will happen and the president will be generally frustrated, as Barrack Obama has been,” said Loevy.

If you were supporting Hillary Clinton, Lovey said this result doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

“People forget that he must have the permission of Congress. Congress, even though it’s Republican will still be sensible. Anything outlandish that President Trump might try, a Republican Congress will probably not allow him to do it, so if you want to feel good about this feel thankful for the balance of powers,” said Loevy.

The results of the national election aren’t the only thing that will impact Colorado – state elections will also play a big role.

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