Pueblo County breaks records amid delays in counting ballots

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — Ballot counting picked back up Wednesday after Pueblo County’s server “filled up.”

“We basically had to stop counting and wait for a new server from the Secretary of State’s office in Denver. And for it to be installed and then we had to test it to make sure it was counting properly. And then we are able to use it not till 11:30 last night,” said Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo County clerk and recorder.

Ortiz says it was a problem out of their control.

“I think we would have reported at about 75,000 ballots last night by 10:30 at night, which would have been the lying share of all the votes,” Ortiz said.

Even with a delay, records still broke with a voter turn out of more than 80,000 people.

“Pueblo County was very concerned about the presidential race and wanted to be heard. And so, turned out in large numbers and I think it bodes well for our county. It shows that our democracy is healthy,” Ortiz said.

The elections office says out of the 101,000 ballots mailed to voters, more than 300 people registered and voted for the first time Tuesday – that means a lot of data was created.

“I think collecting data is, I mean the most important thing. And because this is our first mail ballot presidential, we didn’t have data to kind of lean on. We just need to make sure that we’re looking at the data properly, and evaluating it properly and then planning the next presidential election using the that information,” Ortiz said.

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