D-11 focuses on next steps after ballot measures fail

District 11
District 11 measures fail on November ballot / Kalyn McMackin -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — School District 11 is disappointed that both of the measures on the ballot last night failed to pass.

Issue 3C is a $32.6 million mill levy override which would have gone toward salaries, ongoing maintenance and overall reinvesting in schools.

Issue 3D is the $235 million bond to pay for one time costs such as remodeling schools and updating technology.

“We have been dealing with less and less funding and more and more needs in our district,” said Devra Ashby, the public information officer for District 11.

Those are needs that now will continue to grow after voters decided not to pass two crucial initiatives on the ballot for the District.

“We’re surprised and although they didn’t pass, it is unfortunate but it is the democratic process,” said Ashby.

“There’s so many needs in the district right now for students that this mill levy and bond would’ve gone a long way towards helping,” said Kevin Vick, who is on the steering committee for friends of District 11.

Over the last couple years, the state has cut District 11 funding by nearly $30 million and with the failed measures, possible cuts in programs and jobs are a possibility.

“If you don’t have the resources to be able to retain and attract staff to your district that is going to have very problematic effects,” said Vick.

“Our next steps right now are to listen to our voters and to work together with our voters because we know our funding needs are not going away,” said Ashby.

The work for the District begins with the community, something that could be drastically affected if necessary funding continues to dwindle.

“Strong healthy schools make for a strong healthy community,” said Ashby.  “It means providing students that are coming out of school as an educated work force, it means that we are attracting and retaining businesses.”

“We are now faced with a situation where we are struggling for resources,” said Vick. “That is going to have an impact on students, on staff, on the community as a whole.”

The District would like to know why voters chose not to pass these measures.

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