Couple in Fountain supporting community through “giving fence”

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — A Fountain couple is putting their fence on display in hopes of helping those in need.

“It doesn’t matter who they are, a need is a need,” said Tonja Himschoot.

Robert and Tonja Himschoot moved to Fountain just a couple of months ago and brought with them an important possession — their giving fence.

“It doesn’t have to be that you can’t afford it,” said Tonja. “Its just you need it and you don’t have it — it’s here.”

Whether it’s gloves, hats, scarves or even jackets, it’s all on the fence for free and for anyone to take.

“It never sat full for long so to see how often it changed and emptied and refilled, people started understanding there was a need,” said Tonja.

Life for the Himschoots took a turn when Robert suffered an unexpected work injury forcing the couple to leave Salida and start anew in Fountain. Although the transition hasn’t been easy, they say the fence is part of what keeps them going.

“Now that we’re in a little but of dire straights it still kept us moving positive and forward and it still brings joy to us to see people stop and take pictures of it,” said Tonja.

Being the parents of 5 children, both Robert and Tonja know supplies can run short. Most of the clothing on the fence is donated by friends, family and even neighbors, people who just want to help.

“It’s been a real blessing throughout the community for everybody chipping in,” said Robert.

“We just want more people to know so it can service more people,” said Tonja.

The Himschoots say the fence will stay outside until the last winter snow.

It’s located off Columbine Street and Rosewood Drive and anyone is welcome at anytime to come by and take whatever they may need.



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