Give!: Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is a place for horses who have nowhere else to go.

This includes horses that are older, sick or injured, risk euthanasia, slaughter and even death through neglect.

At Spirit Keeper, they can live out the rest of their days peacefully, but the organization is in dire need of help.

At 50 horses, the facility is bursting at the seams.

“It’s just really difficult to say no when you know the horse is going to be killed if you don’t take it in,” said Lori Torrini, director and co-founder.

The sanctuary takes in horses that need extra care, special nutrition, or horses that are just too old to work anymore.

“I just couldn’t see that they work all their lives and do things for us, for our pleasure, or for furthering our knowledge of riding or horse training, and then they’re just thrown away,” said Torrini.

At Spirit Keeper, the horses are valued and loved just the way they are and they’re taken care of until the very end.

“These are living beings and they have emotions and they suffer and feel pain and they develop bonds with us and each other,” said Torrini.

But taking care of special needs horses is costly. Torrini said they spend about $5,000 a month just on the horses’ health and nutrition.

“Special needs horses are special needs for a reason,” she said. “They need special nutrition, they need extra calories, they need medications, they need regular veterinarian care or rehabilitation therapies, so it’s extremely expensive.”

But seeing a once-sad and sick horse become healthy and happy is worth every penny, according to Torrini.

“It makes me feel good to take care of those horses and see them happy and see them thriving here.”

As winter draws near, the sanctuary has 9 horses that currently do not have any shelter.

Money raised through the Give! campaign will go toward funding a barn to protect them.

>> Learn more and Give! at


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