Renters in Colorado Springs concerned about living conditions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Right now, people who live in the Pine Creek Village apartments are dealing with disgusting living conditions, and they said the property manager isn’t doing anything about it.

“There’s no way we can stay here. There’s no way anybody should be here right now,” said Christian Buffington.

Buffington moved in September 1. A week later, his family started noticing the smell of mold.

“Whenever we first moved in all we could smell is fresh paint, because they had painted over the areas that were covered in mold where the mold’s actually eating through the wall,” said Buffington.

After constantly complaining about it to the property manager, still nothing was being done to fix it, so he brought in a mold inspector.

“Before he even walked through the door he could tell there was mold in the building. He said this place in uninhabitable,” said Buffington.

Buffington isn’t the only one having issues.

Logan Arnett moved in Saturday. Now, cockroaches are appearing everywhere.

He’s not going to be staying, because management said he’s responsible for getting rid of them.

He said what’s happening there is horrible.

“There are families here, there are children here. These are people that need a sanitary place to live and they need to take proper precautions to get it done,” said Arnett.

From Buffington’s experience, it’s likely something won’t be done.

“Management said that it’s our responsibility to pay for it. The mold is damages that we’re responsible for, even though it’s caused by busted water pipe in the walls that’s a maintenance issue,” said Buffington.

Buffington just wants management to do the right thing.

“I’m not asking them to go to the moon and back. I just want a safe place for my children,” said Buffington.

We did reach out to the management company Sunday, but people in charge were not available. We’ll be following up on this story to get answers from them.

Since Buffington and his family are just now getting back on their feet from being homeless, they have a GoFundMe page set up to help them cover the cost of moving. You can help here.

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