Family travels hundreds of miles for Colorado Beer Festival

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A total 70 breweries and more than 220 different types of beer were on tap Saturday in Colorado Springs.

It’s all part of the 10th annual All Colorado Beer Festival where the hops and suds are brewed only in the Centennial State.

“We love craft beer and that’s why we came out,” said Stan Waite.

Traveling all the way from California, one family of 18 says the All Colorado Beer Festival is an event they would never miss.

“My family, we are beer drinkers and we have a lot of people that travel from Cali to come out just for this because Colorado makes some really spectacular beer,” said Kathy Siedl.

One brewery at the festival was Fieldhouse Brewing, who brews right here in Colorado Springs. On Saturday’s menu — a wild hop Amber Ale and Rye IPA.

“So the wild hop Amber has got a lot of caramel malt in it so it’s got that real nice caramel malty sweetness in it,” said Travis Fields, the owner of Fieldhouse Brewing. “Upper Creek is a Rye IPA so its got kind of a fruity hop profile.”

The event features beer specifically brewed in Colorado and draws in more than 4,000 people every year.

“What they can expect is to come in and be able to sample some great Colorado beers,” said Matt Favier, the festival director. “On top of being able to sample a bunch of different beers, we have a lot of fun things. We have a silent disco going on, you see people playing corn hole, we have Jenga.”

“We support this and we will continue to support this event because we love it,” said Seidl.

On top of serving beer, vendors also got the chance to have their beer professionally judged.

All proceeds raised from the beer festival are donated to four charities. So far the event has raised more than $300,000.



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