Former President Bill Clinton rallies in Pueblo to get votes on behalf of Hillary Clinton

PUEBLO, Colo. — Former President Bill Clinton told a full crowd in Pueblo Friday that America needs a leader who will make decisions based on facts, not fantasy.

“We need a ‘what are we going to do about it’ president. Somebody who believes answers are better than anger and is giving us answers that will work,” President Clinton said.

The former president hoped to pull in more support for his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

He kept the mood light, poking fun at his wife’s opponent, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, without ever saying his name.

“For 41 years and for 3/4 of that time unbeknownst to me, she was in total control of the world and responsible for every bad thing that happened! Woah!” he said.

The former president also spoke about cutting taxes while providing free public and private college and more.

“She increased adoptions out of foster care by 80 percent. She helped to pass a children’s health insurance law that insures eight-million people. These are some of the terrible things that he keeps referring to,” President Clinton said.

He did it all while keeping comic relief in the rally.

“She got too much credit from her opponent, she was never in control of the world. What she was in control of, she made better. Imagine George W. Bush. He was under the illusion that he was president for 8 years? That his party was in control of Congress for 6 of those 8 years? And oh my goodness he wakes up one morning and realizes Hillary’s been running it all along.”

Meanwhile a rally against Hillary Clinton was formed outside the Union Depot.

The group was protesting the Democratic nominee with signs in support of Donald Trump.

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