One year later, family and friends honor the victims in the Halloween Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Monday, October 31 marked exactly one year since a man opened fire in downtown Colorado Springs, killing three people.

A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday, November 1 at Shooks Run Park in honor of the victims.

Police say 33-year-old Noah Harpham walked down the street near the intersection of Platte and Wahsatch, shooting three people, 35-year-old Andrew Myers, 42-year-old Jennifer Vasquez and 34-year-old Christy Gallela-Baccus. When police arrived, Harpham fired his rifle at officers and that’s when they shot and killed him. The four officers involved were found justified in their actions.

A couple dozen people gathered together at the park where it overpasses Platte Avenue just yards away from where the Harpham opened fire on that tragic Halloween morning.

FOX21 spoke with the mother of Christy Gallela-Baccus about how she’s gotten through an entire year without her daughter.

“That day was terrifying,” said Vanessa Rich. “I found out through Facebook and went through many police barricades down this road behind me, waiting hours for them to pick her up off the ground of that house.Nine hours before she was finally taken out of there.”

Christy had two children who will now never feel their mother’s warmth or love ever again.

Rich said, “Her daughter turned 13 in July without a mom for a senseless reason because curiosity opened that door that day.”

What Rich says she’ll miss the most is “Her hugs, her smile, and her laugh, her voice, I’m afraid as the years go by in all honesty I’ll forget what that sounds like.”

However this ceremony isn’t about how these three lives were taken away but by the light they left behind.

“365 days later and we’re strong and we remember and she will always be remembered right here and on this street and in this community,” said Rich.

Christy, Jennifer and Andrew were mothers, sisters, a veteran and father – never to be forgotten.


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