Mail carrier union responds to Trump’s claims of voter fraud

El Paso County election ballots
El Paso County election ballots being counted / FOX21 File Photo

DENVER (AP) — The head of the union representing postal carriers has denied allegations brought by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that question the integrity of Colorado’s mail-in ballot election.

The Denver Post reports that Trump made remarks Saturday at a rally in Golden about mailed-in ballots potentially being thrown away.

Doug Jaynes, president of the Colorado chapter of the National Letter Carriers’ Association, joined Governor John Hickenlooper Monday in denouncing Trump’s remarks.

Jaynes released the following statement in response to Trump’s comments:

Postal workers take great pride in the integral role we play in Colorado’s election process. We are proud to play a part in ensuring that every Colorado voter, from the Front Range to the Western Slope, can cast their vote, knowing their ballot will be safely delivered by Colorado’s letter carriers and other postal employees – just as we have sworn under our oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the integrity of Colorado’s postal employees – nearly a quarter of whom are veterans -are offensive and insulting. He owes the thousands of dedicated Coloradans who uphold the integrity of our state’s elections an apology.”

This is the first year that Colorado has held a presidential election allowing voters to send in their ballots by mail. The mail system has only been used for other elections.


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