Colorado Springs Airport sees boost in passengers thanks to Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines returned to COS Airport in April 2016 / FOX21 file photo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — For the first time in several years, the Colorado Springs Airport is seeing more and more passengers come through its terminals.

The return of Frontier Airlines is being credited with the increase.

“Frontier, like I said, has definitely increased our passenger traffic and changed that trend of declining passengers that we’ve seen over the last few years,” said Nate Lavin, the Colorado Springs Airport communication specialist. “We’re finally starting to see an uptick in passengers.”

The low-fare airline is responsible for bringing in more than 32,000 passengers in September — a number it hasn’t seen in 14 years.

“To have an increase like that in September, which is considered an off season month, is a significant increase for us so we’re really happy about that,” said Lavin.

With daily direct flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Orlando, the carrier is selling out more than 80 percent of its available seats.

“Well it’s changed the market place here at Colorado Springs,” said Lavin. “Fares are dropping here at the airport and across the board so that is definitely attractive to local flyers.”

Frontier is currently the fourth largest commercial airline at the airport behind Delta, American and United which have also seen an increase in passengers.

“We’ve seen increases all year long on our carriers,” said Lavin. “You know different months tell different stories so it wasn’t just Frontier but a majority of it was Frontier.”

The Denver-based airline does have plans to expand its services from the Springs Airport but in the meantime it’s urging travelers to take advantage.

“It’s offering a service, a fair option here at the airport that we really didn’t have before so we’re excited about that,” said Lavin.

The airport expects this year’s total for passenger traffic to be up by just over 9 percent. They’re also predicting it will increase another 12 percent next year with the addition of more destinations.




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