Bristol releases 2016’s Venetucci Pumpkin Ale

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Adults in town are acting like kids with their excitement over Venetucci Pumpkin ale.

This is the 10th year Bristol Brewing is making the extremely popular beer. People trying it out said it doesn’t taste too much like pumpkins, and has a caramel aftertaste.

The brewers said there’s a reason for that.

“This is a pumpkin ale that comes out a little later in the season for pumpkin-flavored items, but that’s because we use whole pie pumpkins from right here in southern Colorado,” brewer Steve Oliveri said. “We take those pumpkins and we cut them and gut them and we roast them up and add those directly into the mash with the beer, and that gives a really full, authentic flavor with some real good quality local ingredients.”

All of the proceeds from the beer go to Venetucci Farm.

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