McDivitt Law Firm holds open house discussion for those impacted by water contamination issues

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — McDivitt Law Firm held an open house Saturday for those impacted by the contaminated water in the Fountain and Security-Widefield areas.

Attorneys and specialists were at Hotel Elegante to help answer any questions the community had about the water issues.

The law firm is currently suing the manufacturers of the firefighter foam that caused perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) to surface in the water.

“I really feel that all of these folks constitute what is a major health menace for El Paso County and that we’re all part of this community together,” said Mike McDivitt, CEO of the McDivitt Law Firm. “We need help from the government to help us get blood tests so we can find out who has PFCs in their blood.”

PFCs can potentially cause kidney and liver diseases as well as low birth rates and high blood pressure.


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