Broadmoor Elementary students run nearly 7,000 miles in annual Bear-A-Thon

Students run in the Bear-a-Thon at Broadmoor Elementary / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some kids can’t stop running.

“I’ve never actually gotten my marathon in two years, so this is my first year getting my marathon,” said Madaline Holewinski, a fourth-grader at Broadmoor Elementary School.

It’s Broadmoor Elementary’s second annual Bear-a-Thon, where each student has a goal of completing 26.2 miles.

In total, the students ran nearly 7,000 miles.

“In all I’ve run 89.75,” said Kasen Dyar, another fourth-grader.

It’s the school’s biggest fundraiser and works to help raise money for different programs in the school, while also incorporating physical fitness.

“We’ve seen students encourage each other, become more physically fit,” said Stacey Huebner, an interventionist at Broadmoor Elementary.

“Last year I didn’t run more than 14 miles and this year I decided to do running and I accomplished my goal of a marathon,” said Tori Greene, another fourth-grader.

Since the first week of school in August, students were able to run or walk laps around the school once a week before school started and three days a week during recess.

“A lot of times in class on those running days, when they come in from running they’re a lot more focused and they’re ready to learn. But it’s almost promoting and helping with their social and emotional wellness as well,” Huebner said.

And if you don’t have time for a run or can barely make it while running laps, the Broadmoor Bears have some tips for you.

“Push through it and just keep running,” Holewinski said.

“Even if they’re doing the news, in the mornings or something when they don’t have to work, they should go on little runs or something,” Dyar said.

More than 100 students completed a marathon or more, as some did a double, triple or even quadruple marathons.

The fundraiser ended with a ceremony Wednesday where students were awarded medals by paralympians.

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