“I built it with my own trees,” man says of cabin lost in Junkins Fire

CUSTER COUNTY, Colo. —  Leslie Rhodes lost his home this week in the Junkins Fire.

“The Sheriff took us up there to see,” Rhodes said while he clutched a handful of photos of the log cabin.  “It was burned to the ground.”

He was among the two dozen residents in the area who met at Florence High School in Custer County Friday to get a briefing about the fire.

Fire crews have contained 33 percent of the fire, which has now spread to more than 17,800 acres.  Fire managers say they expect increased fire activity Saturday because of the warmer temps and lower humidity.

However, the 550 crews, including members of the National Guard, were able to make progress.

Rhodes is among those waiting to return to his property.

“It’s sad because we won’t have a place to go for now,”  Rhodes said.

Rhodes’ main residence is in Pueblo. He said the property was a great place to meet with his 15 grandkids who came up to hunt.

“I built it with my own trees,” Rhodes said. “A lot of memories, but at least the fire only took 20 percent of the trees.”

Rhodes plans to rebuild using trees that have survived the fire.

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