Fall home show held in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Following those bad hailstorms earlier this year, a lot of people had to hire contractors.

Sunday, residents got a chance to meet local contractors at a home show in Colorado Springs. They also checked out some of the home renovation items and ideas offered at the event.

Organizers said it’s important to hire local for home improvement projects.

“Say something happens to your window or your door,” Lindsay Jones of NationWide Expos said. “You don’t want to call the person out of state that’s going to take a plane ride and a hotel visit to come see you. You want the guys who are local that you can call and they can come out to fix something in the middle of the night.”

While some people checked out ways to improve their homes, hundreds of others shopped for everything fall and winter. The expo featured plenty of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items.

“40 percent of consumers around the country have all of their Christmas shopping by November 1,” assistant sales director Tiphani Ruark said. “A lot of our competitors have theirs in October, early November as well, so for us this is a prime time for us to be in October.”

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