CDOT reminds drivers to be cautious as migration season brings increase of wildlife, vehicle collisions

FOX21 News file photo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Wildlife is on the move!

Vehicle collisions with wildlife happen year-round. But this time of year, there can be an increase.

As temperatures get colder and more snow starts falling in the high country, animals start moving to their wintering habitats which are lower in elevation and typically closer to people.

Several agencies have released a video reminding drivers to be alert.

Wildlife can cross roads without warning, any time of day and anywhere.

CDOT says a majority of animal-vehicle collisions happen from dusk to dawn, when wildlife are more active and more difficult to see.

Over the past 10 years, Colorado has seen an average of 3,000 reported wildlife-related collisions each year.

In that 10-year period, 2,661 crashes involved driver or passenger injuries; 33 of those collisions resulted in fatalities.

The best advice is for drivers to slow down, be aware and scan the sides of the roads for movement.

Keep in mind that many animals travel in groups. If you see one deer or elk, expect there to be more.




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