Southern Colorado woman turns 104

Wanda celebrates her 104th birthday at her farm in Hanover, Colorado./ Taylor Bishop -- FOX21 News
Wanda celebrates her 104th birthday at her farm in Hanover, Colorado./ Taylor Bishop -- FOX21 News

HANOVER, Colo. — One southern Colorado woman turned 104 years old Sunday.

FOX21 got to visit with Wanda Zarba and her family at their farm in Hanover. Of course, when you’re 104, birthdays can wear you out, so Wanda opted for a nap, but her daughter told us her secrets to long life.

The same year the Titanic sank, Wanda was welcomed into the world.

She grew up in Massachusetts and eventually became a nurse. Then she got married. In the 60s, she and her husband moved to Cambodia and Vietnam for some time while he worked in the Foreign Service.

“She would volunteer at the Catholic orphanage in the heat of the summer and take care of infants,” daughter Mary Zarba said.

They had three daughters and continued to travel the world together. After her husband passed away and she was 91, she moved to a farm in Hanover, where she’s been ever since.

“Up until a few years ago she would go out and feed the peacocks. There are over 50 peacocks on the farm, and they knew who she was,” said Mary. “She likes being with her animals. She loves watching TV. She loves ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ loves ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

One thing she loves even more than “Dancing with the Stars,” though, is her dog, Lotus.

“Lotus is by her side all the time, beyond best friends,” Mary said. “Mother always wants the dog around and the dog always wants to be around her. It’s her four-legged family.”

“No drugs, no smoking, and no alcohol,” Mary said of her key to a long life.

This has given her loved ones more years with her than they ever could have imagined.

“Oh, it’s absolutely precious. It’s a whole journey,” Mary said. “I can see a perspective of aging very differently and it’s a privilege to have this.”

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