CSFD and AFA cadets install smoke alarms across the city for Fire Prevention Week

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Fire Department was out and bout this weekend installing smoke alarms in homes across the city.

On Saturday, they helped out families near the Meadow Park Community Center with help from Air Force Academy cadets in honor of Fire Prevention Week.

CSFD and cadets spent the day going door-to-door replacing smoke detectors and installing them for homes that don’t have them, also making sure the smoke alarms are in the right spots.

“By far in a fire, what most people perish from is smoke inhalation, so if you can get out before the smoke gets you in the event of a fire, your chances of survival are much greater, so have them is most important but smoke alarms do expire every 10 years,” said Kathy Hook, a fire and life safety educator. “If they require a battery you do need to change that battery every year and since smoke rises we want them in the right place and that would be at the highest point of that bedroom in the middle.”

Between last weekend and yesterday about 400 homes in the neighborhood have new, fully-functioning smoke alarms.


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