3,500 AFA cadets volunteer and give back to the community

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s a way to give back.

“I just really like the work here, I feel like it greatly benefits the community of all of Southern Colorado,” said Cadet 2nd Class Elise Hart.

For the past decade, Air Force Academy cadets have put in more than 30,000 volunteer hours each year.

On Friday, 3,500 cadets volunteered their time to others.

“We’re looking through to see if any items are expired, we’re checking caned goods to see if they could break open soon, just sorting out expired versus still good to go out to the hungry,” Hart said.

Cadets were grouped together at 43 community organizations, from downtown Colorado Springs, Black Forest and Woodland Park.

They worked on a number of tasks, from sorting food at Care and Share Food Bank to helping at the Salvation Army and more.

“We’re painting kettles, they were red, we’re spray painting them black. We’re taking the little sign holders off the top, scraping the tape off of them,” said Cadet 1st Class Warren Taylor.

It’s a wing-wide community service event.

“One of our core values is service before self. Obviously, that’s service to our nation, but in addition to that, we just like to get out in our communities, be active members, good role models and get out and help the local community wherever we are stationed or when we’re at school here at USAFA,” Hart said.


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