Questions loom over absence of supertanker to fight Beulah Hill Fire

BEULAH, Colo — The Beulah Hill Fire was a major source of worry for people in that area for almost a week.

Now, questions have been raised as to whether more could’ve been done to fight the fire early on.

In the end, 8 homes were destroyed by the fire that engulfed more than 5,200 acres.

Right now, the fire is 95 percent contained.

It’s scheduled to be completely contained by the weekend.

Some are wondering why the super tanker at the Colorado Springs Airport wasn’t used to fight the fire.

If you drive through where the fire burned, in some cases, it came within feet of burning down someone’s home, which brings up the question:

Could fire officials have used a little more help fighting it?

George Hendricks lives just feet from where the fire could have taken his entire neighborhood, but he doesn’t have a problem with how it was fought.

“I believe they did a good job. I don’t know about you, but it could have been much worse,” said Hendricks.

Could the 8 homes that burned have been saved with extra help?

“We offered our assistance and we were on standby if needed,” said Global Supertanker LLC CEO Jim Wheeler.

That company has a huge wild fire fighting plane sitting in Colorado Springs.

The National Forest Service said in a statement that they didn’t use the tanker because they didn’t have a contract with the company.

Instead, they used helicopters and they did have super tankers of their own on standby in case they needed them.

“The ground commanders going to know best what assets he needs for that fire. We don’t try to second guess them,” said Wheeler.

Could have using this supertanker have saved homes?

“They didn’t lose another building after they evacuated us, so not too sure if the plane would have made a difference,” said Hendricks.

The National Forest Service said they plan on trying to contract with Global Supertanker LLC in 2017, so that they can use the tanker sitting at the airport in case they ever need it.

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