Man arrested in Pueblo after K9 officer sniffs out 10 kilos of cocaine in his car

Edgar Florez-Valenzuela
Edgar Florez-Valenzuela (left) was arrested Wednesday after a K9 detected illegal narcotics in his car (right) / Pueblo Police Department

PUEBLO, Colo. — Police have arrested a man in Pueblo after a K9 officer detected 10 kilos of cocaine in his car Tuesday night.

Police say it happened around 8:30 p.m. when officers observed a maroon Saturn speeding north on I-25 near Pueblo Boulevard.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers obtained permission to search the vehicle.

Using K9 Widget to conduct an open air sniff around the vehicle, police say the K9 detected the odor of illegal narcotics.

Authorities relocated and searched the vehicle and found 10 kilos of suspected cocaine in a hidden compartment.

Police say the illegal narcotics hold a street value of $1.1 million.

The driver, identified as 27-year-old Edgar Florez-Valenzuela, was arrested and booked in the Pueblo County Detention Center to face charges of possession of a schedule II substance with intent to distribute.

He has a $200,000 cash-only bond.

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