Halloween costumes can still be fun even on a tight budget

Halloween Costumes
Affordable Halloween costumes for less than $20 at Goodwill / Kalyn McMackin -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be tough and expensive but thanks to two local thrift stores, it doesn’t have to be.

“Just in this store alone there are hundreds, hundreds of costume options,” said Susan Hubbard, the manager at Arc Thrift Store.

She’s not exaggerating. A little creativity and no more than twenty bucks is all you need.

“Using your imagination is the best thing because we have the makings of just really fabulous costumes,” said Hubbard. “You can be a superhero, you can be Donald Trump, you can be Hillary — whatever you want to be.”

Instead of dropping a lot of money on a costume people have already seen, thrift stores say doing it yourself is not just the most affordable option but it’s also the most memorable.

“You’re really not compromising at all,” said Bradd Hafer, the assistant director of communications for Discover Goodwill. “In a lot of ways it looks like you’ve kind of gone out of your way to dawn that special look.”

Accessories and prop items can run in the single dollars and that goes for the traditional costume looks too.

“We do have some of those ready made costumes as well,” said Hafer. “If you went to an outlet store for those, you’d be paying an upwards of three to four times the price for those as you’ll find here.”

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two popular looks this year but another trend is originality.

“People want to set themselves apart at those work Halloween parties as well as trick or treating,” said Hafer. “They don’t want to fit in with the crowd.”

Proving that you don’t have to break the bank to be the best dressed.

“Everybody should have fun and have a good time on Halloween and so having a budget shouldn’t hold you back,” said Hubbard.

“You’re not going to frighten your pocket book in the process which is always a good thing for consumers,” said Hafer.


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