Rover offers pet owners personalized care

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – It’s like a personalized babysitting service for your pet.

On the Rover website, pet owners can book dog boarding, doggy daycare and dog walks.

If you’re a dog lover you can even earn some extra cash.

For Kenda Schmeiser, her dog Holly isn’t just a pet.

“My dog is my kid,” said Schmeiser.

When it came time for her to go on vacation, Schmeiser didn’t want to leave Holly with just anybody.

“I did not want to go to the traditional kennel, so I started researching and I found Rover online,” said Schmeiser.

After searching through lots of profiles, she found Francesca.

“She seemed like the perfect fit for us,” said Schmeiser. “I’ve got dogs and they’re fun to watch,” said Francesca Gehrig, a dog sitter on Rover.

The two set up a meet-and-greet at the dog park and decided it was a match.

Now, Schmeiser and Holly are regular clients.

“With my previous dogs it just seemed like I never knew who was handling them, I never knew who to contact you know if I wanted to call in the middle of the night or if something happened, I wasn’t sure that anybody was there,” said Schmeiser. “If something happened in the middle of the night I do know that when Holly is staying with Francesca and her family that somebody is right there.”

Dog sitters on the site can set up their own profiles and make their own schedules.

“Francesca’s hours are really flexible. I’ve dropped her off early early morning when nobody should be awake and I’ve picked her up late at night when nobody should be awake and Francesca is always okay with that,” said Schmeiser.

“You can make a profile where you just want to be a sitter, or just do daycare, there’s all kinds of options,” said Gehrig. “I’m a stay-at-home mom so my profile is pretty much decked out.”

Gehrig uses Rover to earn some extra cash, but she has also gained a few friends.

“You get to interact one-on-one not only with the owners dog’s but the owners themselves and I’ve developed a couple of real nice relationships with some of the owners and it’s been really nice,” said Gehrig.

Holly has made some new friends too.

“Francesca will send me pictures of her and Orabelle playing, worn out, completely worn out and so I know that Holly loves it,” said Schmeiser. “I will never do a regular kennel again.”

Every stay booked through is covered by insurance and has 24/7 vet support. Each sitter has reviews and must pass a background check before they are hired.

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