Douglas County mom not giving candy to clowns

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — One mom says this year she won’t be giving candy to kids dressed as clowns, all thanks to the recent creepy clown scare.

She’s placing a sign on her house banning trick or treaters in clown costumes, saying it’s only because she’s worried certain people will take the dress up too far.

“A lot of it’s a hoax, I agree with that, but there’s going to be people that don’t find it a hoax and are going to use it for something that’s not a good thing,” said Susan Dibartolomeo.

Two doors down, Brett Mill has decorated his home for Halloween and says Susan’s anti-clown sign goes too far.

“I think she’s entitled to put up the sign, but don’t take the spirit out of Halloween,” said Mill.

As luck would have it, Brett’s sixth-grade son Ryland will dress as a clown for Halloween and here’s why he thinks it’s okay.

“As soon as someone started making scary stuff about clowns everybody started joining in,” he said.

This comes as school districts around Colorado recently warned parents about threatening hoaxes by people dressed as clowns.


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