Former junkyard now family fall fun destination

A view of the corn maze at Diana's Pumpkin Patch from SKYFOX21.

CANON CITY, Colo. – It all started as a way to earn a little extra cash for band expenses.

“We started the corn maze and the pumpkin patch for my daughter Diana, that’s why it’s named Diana’s and not Sue or Tim, my husband” said Sue Madone, Owner of Diana’s Pumpkin Patch. “When she was in high school she was interested in band and so we started selling pumpkins alongside the road in little roadside stands.”

That eventually grew into a larger pumpkin patch but Sue wanted people to be able to spend more time with their families.

“So the first year we grew the pumpkins and everybody came out, picked their pumpkins and left and we thought ‘no, we want people to stay and enjoy the farm, and enjoy beautiful fall weather,” said Madone.

For the past 16 years, Diana’s Pumpkin Patch has offered a lot more, from hayrides and games to a corn maze.

“Our town needs something for teenagers to do and so a corn maze is a perfect opportunity for middle school kids or in-between that can come out here,” said Madone.

Each year she says she tries to pick a theme people can relate to. Some past designs included Ghostbusters and Clue.

“We try to pick something that kids can play but yet is still fun for their parents to go and do too and teenagers,” she said.

But this year the maze looks a little different.

“Culver’s came to me and they told me that they have a thank you to farmers program and they wanted to choose our corn maze out of all the other Colorado corn mazes,” said Madone.

Diana’s Pumpkin Patch was one of 19 farms selected to be in the program and as part of the thank you Culver’s cut their corn maze this year.

“Their thank you to farmer’s program helps support the future farmers of America. They’ve given a million dollars since they started their program for Future Farmers of America. I love that idea and I love the idea of supporting farmers, because we all sometimes forget that everything we do in our world these days really comes from farms,” said Madone.

The land was once a junkyard, but it’s since been transformed, bringing the farm life closer to the community.

“We have a farm that is surrounded by city. Our farm is not out on acres and acres of land, so this brings this 10 acres that we own, it really brings the farm life visible to more city-going people,” said Madone.

The pumpkin patch is open on weekends through the end of the month and on weekdays by appointment. Admission includes a free pumpkin while supplies last.

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